For Me The Savior Bled! –- Don Fortner

(Tune: #110—Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?—CM)


1.      Did God the Son (Imagine this!)

The sov’reign God on High,

Assume our nature, human flesh,

That He might bleed and die?


2.      Oh, yes! The Son of God came down,

He left His throne on High

(O grace amazing! Love unknown!)

Sinners to justify!


3.      He took this chosen sinner’s place,

And suffered in my stead.

For me (Great miracle of grace!)

For me the Savior bled!


4.      I sing and I rejoice to tell

Of Christ’s atoning blood,

By which I’ve been redeemed from hell

And reconciled to God!


5.      O take my life, my worthless heart,

Blest Savior, take it all!

Be Thou my everlasting Part,

Blest Christ, my All in All!