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Fear not Little Flock Don Fortner

(Tune: #188 — I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord — SM)


1.     Oh, hear the Shepherd’s voice,

Who with His flock appears,

He bids His trembling lambs rejoice

And quietens our fears.


2.     Though feeble here below,

We shall to glory rise.

Fear not,” our Father will bestow

A kingdom in the skies.


3.     So, “Fear not little flock,

By Jesus’ blood redeemed:

Our refuge is in Christ the Rock,

Who sends forth living streams!


4.     Fear not,” though Satan roar,

Our Shepherd guards us well.

Soon we shall hear his roars no more,

But in our kingdom dwell.


5.     Fear not!” — Believe His Word.

To God’s dear Son you’re giv’n;

‘Tis “the good pleasure” of the Lord

To bring you safe to heav’n!




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