Father, Today, and Through the YearDon Fortner

(Tune: #183—Faith of Our Fathers—88.88.88)


1.      Great God, Father, to You we come, before Your throne we must confess

Our sinful hearts, (so vile), are prone to unbelief and wickedness!

We view with gratitude and shame the days and years already past.


2.      Your sov’reign love and tender care, Your providence and matchless grace,

Through sins, dangers, and countless fears, attest to us Your faithfulness.

That grace, Father, is rich and free that saves and keeps sinners like us!


3.      Father, today, and through the year, we look to You, our God, for grace.

Teach us, O Lord, Your holy fear.—Teach us to magnify Your grace.—

Teach us, each day, to live by faith.—Each day, show us our Savior’s face!


4.      Holy Spirit, abide within.—Revive in us Your work each day!

Blest Savior, reign as King within.—Subdue our hearts each day we pray.

Teach us to trust, obey, and rest, walking in our appointed way.