Don Fortner


<)5>(Tune: O For A Thousand Tongues  #46  CM)


<CENTER>I long pursued the path of sin,<BR>

As if under a spell.<BR>

A rebel, hating God, unclean,<BR>

Madly, I ran to hell!<BR>


But God, who rich in mercy is,<BR>

(For His great love to me!),<BR>

Saved me by His almighty grace.<BR>

From sin and death I'm free! </P>


He gave me faith in Jesus Christ,<BR>

Who lived and died for me,<BR>

Imputes to me His righteousness,<BR>

And by His grace keeps me. </P>


Indwelt by His Spirit, I am<BR>

A new creature today.<BR>

My crimes, my guilt, and all my blame<BR>

My Savior washed away! </P>


To God alone I give all praise.<BR>

"Salvation's of the Lord!"<BR>

I ask for grace to spend my days<BR>

Spreading this wondrous word. </CENTER></P>