Don Fortner

(Tune: Stand Up And Bless The Lord #     SM)

Lord, I confess my sin,

       How great my guilt has been!

       My heart is vile, foolish, and vain,

       My life a course of sin!



Thank You for sov’reign grace,

       Revealed in Christ, the Lamb.

       Grace snatched me from the jaws of death

       And from my life of shame!



No works have I to boast.

       What can a sinner do?

       “Free grace! Free grace! Free grace!” I boast,

       And give all praise to You!



My hope, my God, I trace

       Back to Your throne of grace.

       Before you hung the stars in space,

       You fixed the course of grace. </P>



It comes, through Jesus’ death,

       To chosen sinners free,

       And by the Spirit’s mighty breath,

                              To such dry bones as we!