Don Fortner

(Tune: When I Survey #118 LM)


When Christ the righteous Judge shall come

        To bring His ransomed people home,

        Shall I among the chosen stand

        Blameless and pure at His right hand?



Though I’m the vilest of them all,

       When to the judgment bar I’m called,

       I hope by grace to yet be found

       Hiding in my Redeemer’s wounds.



My only plea before my God

       Is Jesus’ sin-atoning blood.

       My merit is His righteousness.

       My hope is free and sovereign grace!



Oh, let me never fall away

       From this sweet hope of grace I pray.

       Lord, keep me from that deadly fall

       Which brings men back under the law. </P>



As I began this walk of faith,

       So let me walk until my death:

       A sinner saved by grace alone,

       Trusting what Christ for me has done! </P>



When the archangel’s trump shall blast,

       And God says to me, “Well done,” at last,

       Before my Savior’s beaming face,

        I’ll sing and shout, <B> “FREE GRACE! FREE GRACE!” </B> </CENTER> </P>