Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 When I Can Read My Title ClearCM)

Godís saints are by His special grace

†††††† Distinguished from all men,

†††††† Chosen, redeemed, and sanctified,

†††††† Forgiven of all sin!



God loved us from eternity,

†††††† And chose us in His Son,

†††††† Before He earthís foundations laid

†††††† Or made the shining sun.



The triune God has bound Himself

†††††† To us by holy ties,

†††††† (By His own oath and covínant blood),

†††††† To take us to the skies!



Free grace in Christ, free grace alone,

†††††† Makes heavenís bliss secure.

†††††† We rest secure, because Godís grace

†††††† Forever shall endure! </P>



Chosen in free, electing love,

†††††† Redeemed by Jesusí blood,

†††††† And by the Spirit called, we are

†††††† Forever sons of God! </CENTER> </P>