Don Fortner


We were ruined by the fall,

Adam's sin defiles us all:

By our deed as by our birth,

We deserved the law's great curse.

Helpless, hopeless sinners, we

Never can our souls retrieve.


But the blessed Son of God

Came as man, in flesh and blood.

He fulfilled the law's demands,

And in death stretched out His hands-

On the cross of Calvary

Christ redeemed and set us free.


In the time which God had set,

The Spirit came for His elect-

To regenerate and call

From the ruin of the fall.

By His power and by His grace

We were born for God's own praise.


Now your purpose we fulfill,

Saved according to your will-

Sing this song of joyful praise,

For the glory of your grace.

Blessed, holy, Triune God,

Hear our praise through Christ our Lord.


(Tune: Rock of Ages)