Don Fortner


For me the spotless Lamb agreed

His Father's wrath to bear

For me His precious blood He shed,

My guilty soul to spare.

I see His head, His hands, His feet,

I hear His groans and cries:

For me He bears hell's awful heat,

For me the Surety dies!


For me Christ rose, O blessed day!

In triumph o'er the grave:

He rules all things with sovereign sway,

My helpless soul to save.

A mighty Advocate and Priest,

Christ pleads for me above:

My name is written on His breast,

Inscribed by grace and love.


For me my Savior's blood avails,

Almighty to atone;

The hands He gave to piercing nails

Shall lead me to His throne.

And when I stand before my God,

From sin completely free,

I'll praise Him for His precious blood,

So freely shed for me.


(Tune: It Came upon a Midnight Clear)

Common Meter Double