Don Fortner


(Tune: The Son of God Goes Forth To War #412 CMD)


"Love one another," Jesus said,

"Even as I loved you;

By this shall all the world know

You're my disciples true."

The law that rules God's family

Is written not in stone

But in the hearts of His elect,

It's faith and love alone.


By faith we give that righteousness

Demanded by the law,

The righteousness and blood of Christ

For us fulfill the law!

By love the spirit of the law

Is fulfilled in God's sons:

The Spirit gives this faith and love

To all the chosen ones.


Great God of grace, now hear my prayer,

Give me this faith and love,

Teach me to trust Your Son alone

And show my Savior's love:

As I great mercy have received,

And great forgiveness too,

Teach me, my Lord, to follow You

And tender mercies show.