Eternal Union with Christ — Don Fortner

(Tune: Love Divine #2 — 87.87D)


  1. By Godís sovíreign grace united to His Son eternally,

I can never be divided from my covínant Surety.

Godís free love, from everlasting, made me one with His dear Son.

Blessed union, strong, unchanging, I am with my Savior one!


  1. Once in Christ, in Christ forever. Thus His promise ever stands.

Life and death and hell together cannot tear me from His hands!

Oft I fall, but God unchanging, faithful to His covínant stands.

He will never charge with sinning those for whom His Son was slain.


  1. One with Jesus, one with Jesus, by eternal union one!

One with Jesus, one with Jesus, O what wonders grace has done!

One with Christ from everlasting! One with Him upon the tree!

One with Him on high ascending! One with Him eternally!





Don Fortner



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