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Eternal Spirit, Heavenly WindDon Fortner

(Tune: #109 — Ride on, Ride on in Majesty -LM)

1.    Eternal Spirit, heavÕnly Wind,

Breathe on Your slain (These dead in sin!),

Bid the dry scattered bones revive,

And make the dead in sin alive.

2.    Behold how cold and dead we lie,

Send quickÕning unction from on high;

The dead in sin can never live,

Till You the breath of life shall give!

3.    Like rushing wind Your power controls,

Your still small voice can comfort souls:

O, breathe upon our souls today,

In grace Your sovÕreignty display!

4.    Awake, O Wind, and raise the dead!

Bring grace from Christ, our CovÕnant Head,

Refresh the trees of righteousness,

And all GodÕs saints with comfort bless!







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