Embarked across the stormy sea

Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology - LM)

Embarked across the stormy sea,

†††††† Within the good ship Grace, I see

†††††† That both the ship and stormy seas

†††††† Are ruled by HimWho pilots me.



Upon the billows of the sea,

†††††† Lord Jesus, Savior, pilot me!

†††††† Your love, and grace, and tender care

†††††† Is all that keeps me from despair.



My Pilotwill His word perform: -

†††††† Heíll not forsake me in the storm,

†††††† But make each raging billow blest.

†††††† Christ gives me peace. He is my Rest.



When I have reached the other side,

†††††† Iíll see each roaring billowís tide

†††††† Was needed to bring me, at last,

†††††† Into my Pilotís land of rest.