Don Fortner


(Tune: There Is No Name So Sweet On Earth #443 87.87)


Our Father God we ever bless

For His sov'reign election.

In Christ He gave us all His grace

Freely, without condition.



Eternal Love! Eternal Grace!

Immutable and sov'reign!

Chosen, redeemed,and called by grace,

We praise the God of heaven.


Jesus, the blessed Son of God,

By His own blood redeemed us.

Since He has paid our debt in full,

Justice cannot condemn us.


The Spirit, by almighty grace,

Called us to life in Jesus.

He gave us life and gave us faith,

And by His grace He keeps us.


The Father, Spirit, and the Son

Agreed in love to save us.

And what He purposed God has done.

We'll ever sing His praises!