Don Fortner


(Tune:  America The Beautiful #53l CMD)


       Behold, the Lamb of God was slain

       By God's own wise decree:

       The blood of Christ has stood for me

       From all eternity!

       God's wrath could not destroy the world,

       Though Adam fell in sin,

       Because the Lamb was slain for man

       Before the world began.


       Then at the time ordained by God

       The Lamb poured out his blood,

       For all the world of His elect,

       And paid the debt we owed!

       Dear Lamb of God, Your precious blood

       Has ransomed me from death;

       And I will praise You for that blood

       As long as I have breath.


       Though Satan rage against my soul,

       Though I am full of sin,

       I trust Christ's sin-atoning blood -

       It gives me peace within.

       That blood is my security;

       (Christ must be satisfied!)

       Not one can ever be condemned

       For whom the Lamb has died!


       When I have dropped this robe of flesh

       And enter heaven's bliss,

       The Lamb who has been slain for me,

       I shall forever bless!

       Eternal blood!  Eternal Lamb!

       Eternal God, my King!

       A worthless sinner saved by grace,

       I owe You everything!