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“Dost Thou Believe?” Don Fortner

(Tune: #514 — Am I a Soldier — CM)

1.    Whose voice is this I hear, which says,

Dost thou believe in Me?

Tis His, Who well deserves my praise,

To Whom by faith I flee.

2.    Do you now trust God’s darling Son

And on His grace rely? —

Yours is eternal life begun,

And you shall never die.

3.    Dost thou believe?” Though once you thought

By works you might be saved?

Then, you are by Jehovah taught;

To you this faith He gave!

4.    Dost thou believe?” — “But, how,” say some,

“With such a heart as mine?”

Yes, sinner, come, to Jesus come,

And you’ll salvation find!

5.    If sin you hate, if now you grieve,

And mourn your heart depraved,

If Christ alone you will believe,

By Him you have been saved!







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