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Deliverance Secured — Don Fortner

(Tune: #268 — My Faith has Found a Resting Place — CMD )


1.    Oh, hear the sentence of God’s law:

“The soul that sins shall die!”

We’re fallen, guilty sinners all, —

Beneath the curse we lie!

No man can find a ransom price

For Satan’s captive slaves;

But Jesus, by His sacrifice,

The lawful captive saves!


2.    On wings of free, eternal love,

Our mighty Savior came,

Descending from His throne above,

To bear our sin and shame.

Made sin for us, God’s wrath endured,

He broke our prison chains:

Deliv’rance for His Church secured,

And now, to save, He reigns!


3.    Omnipotent and free His grace,

He has, He does, He will

Deliver all His ransomed race,

From sin, and death, and hell!

My soul on Christ alone relies,

Deliv’rance to obtain.

The soul that trusts Him never dies,

But shall the vict’ry gain!




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