Don Fortner


(Tune: This Is My Father's World #39 SMD)


Done is the work that saves,

Once and forever done!

Christ brought in perfect righteousness

For all His chosen ones.

The debt of sin is paid!

All that we owed to God

Christ for His own elect has made

Full payment with His blood.


Why stand in doubt and fear?

Come to the mercy-seat.

Believe and hear the Lord declare,

"I am a just God, yet -

Because my Son has died,

Freely, I pardon you!

Your many sins I now forget!

My grace I give to you!"


Into the holy place

By faith I come, my God,

A penitent, I seek Your grace,

Trusting the Savior's blood.

I am a child of God,

Saved from all sin and wrath,

Chosen in love, redeemed by blood,

Assured of grace by faith!


To You, dear Son of God,

Be everlasting praise!

You loved and washed me in Your blood -

You are my righteousness!

My life I give to You,

My Savior and my God;

To You, my All, my all is due –

I'm saved by Your shed blood!