Don Fortner


Dear Savior, hear Your servant's prayer

And grant my heart's requests:

Give me a heart true and sincere,

A heart of brokenness.

My sin subdue by pow'r Divine

And break my inward pride;

Contrite lay me down at Your feet;

There cause me to abide.

Make me to be a humbled child,

Submissive to my Lord,

Content with what my God supplies,

And weaned from all the world.

Christ Jesus, fix my heart on You,

My Savior and my God:

Oh, let me nothing seek or serve,

Except Your honor, Lord.


Give me a heart of love for all

Who worship at Your throne,

A love that covers every fault

And truly serves Your own.

Savior, I want a heart like Yours,

Faithful and tender too;

Forgiving men, denying self,

Lord, I would be like You.


(Tune: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D