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Conviction is the Work of God the Holy Ghost Don Fortner

(Tune: #164 — Breathe on Me, Breath of God —SM)


1.    Conviction is the work

Of God the Holy Ghost

In chosen sinners taught of God

In His dear Son to trust.


2.    Convinced of sin I bow

To Christ revealed in me,

Confess my sin (Vile unbelief!),

And now in Him believe.


3.    Convinced of righteousness

(My own by JesusÕ blood!),

By His obedience IÕm made

The righteousness of God!


4.    Convinced of judgment, too

(The serpentÕs head is crushed!),

Because Christ bore judgment for me

GodÕs saving grace is just!


5.    Now taught of God I trust

His sin-atoning Lamb.

O Holy Spirit, give me grace

To magnify His name!







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