Conquering GraceDon Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology — LM)


1.    Christ is that glorious better part,

That dwells in each believerÕs heart,

In evÕry new created soul,

The SovÕreign Monarch of the whole.


2.    Pursuing His eternal love,

He comes in mercy from above,

And enters by His conquÕring grace

The hearts of all His ransomÕd race.


3.    There He subdues the powÕr of sin,

Brings all His SpiritÕs graces in,

With all things new He stores it well;

And there He shall forever dwell!


4.    Does Christ, the Savior, live in me?

With Him in glory I shall be:

He is my Hope, my Sabbath Rest,

In Christ I am forever blest!


5.    My Hope of Glory, yes He is: —

My Righteousness and Holiness!

The full Salvation of the Lord,

RevealÕd and promisÕd in His Word!





Don Fortner



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