Come, Guilty Sinners, Flee Away — Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 — Majestic Sweetness — CM)


1.        Come, guilty sinners, flee away

To Christ, and heal your wounds;

This is the day, (SalvationŐs day!)

In which free grace abounds.


2.        God loved the world of his elect,

And gave His only Son.

With His own blood, He paid their debt,

And ransomed every one.


3.        Made sin for us, the Holy One

Drank all the cup of wrath;

And He says HeŐll cast out none

Who come to him by faith.


4.        SalvationŐs cup, O sinner, take,

Calling upon ChristŐs name,

And you will find GodŐs mercy great,

Forgiving guilt and blame!