Come, Sing Of Godís Electing Love†††

-- Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology-- LM)


<center>Come, sing of Godís electing love

And His eternal purpose good.

Let sinners saved by sovíreign grace

Lift heart and voice in praise to God.



Before the angels sang His praise,

Before God made the earth or sun,

He chose the people He would save

And gave them to His darling Son.



Without condition we must meet,

Godís choice most sovíreign, wise, and good,

Was fixed by free, eternal love.

He loved us just because He would.



Nothing in heaven, earth, or hell

Can alter Godís most wise decree.

Each chosen sinner shall be saved,

And shall at last Godís glory see!



Immutable, His purpose stands,

Immortal as it is sublime!

Godís justice, mercy, truth, and grace

United make salvation mine!