Come, Poor Sinners, Come to Jesus — Don Fortner

(Tune: Love Divine #2 – 87.87D)


1.        Come, poor sinners, to Christ Jesus, as you are, guilty and weak.

Christ, the Lord, alone can save us. — Bow to Him, His mercy seek.

“Come,” the Lord Himself commands it. That commandment is your right.

God in vain would not have said it. Mercy is the Lord’s delight!


2.        Think not of your own unfitness. — Come to Christ’s fulness of grace.

Sinners find in Him completeness, pardon, peace and righteousness!

Think not to make some improvement in yourself before you come.

Come in all your base defilement: naked, sinful, vile, undone!


3.        Hear the Master’s words most cheering, suited for the most distressed. —

(Grace is for the undeserving!) — “Come, and I will give you rest!

Do not perish in your sorrow. From yourself now turn away.

Do not wait until tomorrow. Come to Christ without delay!