Come, O Blessed, Loving Savior Don Fortner

(Tune: Brethren, We Have Met To Worship #15 87.87D)


Come, O blessed, loving Savior, Come! Were gathered in Your name.

Teach us by Your grace to adore Your eternal, matchless name.

Give us, blessed Savior, give us, One more glimpse of Your dear face!

From all carnal care relieve us. Fill us with Your grace and peace.


Let the message of redemption All our doubts and fears dispel

Give assurance of salvation From tormenting sin and hell.

Take each wounded heart and heal it, In us make Your glory shine!

Tell each soul called by Your Spirit, I am yours, and you are Mine!


Plunged into that cleansing fountain Your atonement made for sin,

Freed from sin and vain delusion, Let us know Your grace within.

Come, Lord Jesus, come, refresh us, Come, revive our hearts with grace!

May we ever be ambitious Your name to extol and praise!