Come Freely to the Throne of Grace – Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 – Majestic Sweetness -- CM)


Come freely to the throne of grace,

Where mercy free abounds,

            Mercy designed to meet your case.—

            So pray and spread your wounds.


Come, heavy heart, pour out your groans,

Your every burden bring

To Him who loves to hear your groans.

Here love eternal springs!


This spring of living water flows

To thirsting, needy hearts.

In every time of need God knows

What comforts to impart.


Does any have a need to come

Unto the throne of grace?

If so, then God bids you to come

For mercy and for grace.


Come, let us once more prove Him true;

Pour out your heart to God.

He’ll never turn His ear from you,

Or fail to do you good.