Come, Dearest Jesus, Come — Don Fortner


(Tune: #10 — O God Our Help in Ages Past — CM)



1.    When Christ in judgment shall descend,

And bid the world draw nigh,

The saints shall find the Judge their Friend,

And meet their Lord with joy.


2.    His flaming eyes, His thundÕring voice,

Shall strike the world with dread;

Then shall His ransomed ones rejoice,

In Christ their covÕnant Head.


3.    HeÕll rend the skies, and make a way

To bring His chosen home.

(Oh, blessed hope!) WeÕll watch and pray,

Come, dearest Jesus, come.


4.    And shall my helpless soul appear,

Before the Great White Throne?—

IÕll plead the blood of Jesus there,

And join the endless song.







Don Fortner



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