Come, Carry Me AwayDon Fortner

(Tune: #252 — Only Trust Him — CMD — Without Refrain)


1.    The sun of time is sinking fast;

My race is almost run.

All earthly woe will soon be past,

And triumph soon begun!

The God of Peace beneath my feet

Shall crush the serpentÕs head,

When I with Christ in victÕry sweet

This robe of flesh have shed.


2.    I must be near the blessed ranks

Of those to God so dear. —

I feel the mists of JordanÕs banks, —

My crossing must be near!

Yes, soon I must be going home,

Where Christ, the Lamb, appears.

HeÕll send His angels; and theyÕll come

To take me where He is!


3.    Oh, bear my longing soul to Him

Who lived and died for me,

Whose blood has put away my sin

And Heaven won for me!

Come angels, O sweet angels come,

And carry me away

To my immortal, heavÕnly home; —

Come, carry me away!






Don Fortner



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