Christ was Born in BethlehemDon Fortner

(Tune: #145 — Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus — 87.87.D)


  1. Lo! The Son of God, assuming human nature, stooped to earth;

HeavÕnly hosts proclaimed His coming; and a Virgin gave Him birth!

See Jehovah in our nature, — Jesus Christ, God come to save!

Angels sang it, angels sang it: — Christ was born in Bethlehem!


  1. God, His promises fulfilling, sent His Son, the womanÕs Seed;

To redeem us Christ was willing, to perform the work decreed.

God the Father, Son and Spirit, all in covÕnant love agreed.

Blessed Surety! Blessed Surety! Christ was born in Bethlehem!


  1. All the types and prophets pointed to the Lamb of God and said,

That on Christ, the LordÕs Anointed, our offences must be laid

That the Lamb, spotless and holy, must for sinners sin be made!

That He might thus make atonement, Christ was born in Bethlehem!


  1. Bearing all our guilt our Savior, made a curse, the curse removed!

SatanÕs vanquished, though he rages, crushed by ZionÕs mighty King;

Saints shall, throÕ eternal ages, this triumphant anthem sing:

ŌHallelujah! Hallelujah! — Christ was born in Bethlehem!Ķ





Don Fortner



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