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Christ is the Way Don Fortner

(Tune: #414 — Am I A Soldier of the Cross? —CM)


1.    Poor sinners lost, far off, astray,

Weighed down with guiltŐs great load,

Behold, Christ Jesus is the Way,

To righteousness and God.


2.    The Way, prepared by sovŐreign grace,

Is marked with precious blood;

The Way which all the prophets traced

And led GodŐs saints to trod.


3.    ItŐs narrow, ancient, safe, and clean,

By all believers found,

Wayfaring men, saved from all sin,

All walk this holy ground!


4.    Christ is the Way that God approves,

The only Way from hell,

In which, He brings the souls He loves,

With Him on high to dwell.


5.    Lord, I adore Your matchless grace,

Which put me in the Way;

Oh, give me grace and haste my pace

To realms of endless day!







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