Christ is my soulÕs delightful HopeDon Fortner

(Tune: #342 — Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? — CM)


1.    Christ is my soulÕs delightful Hope

Of everlasting joy

I cannot sink with such a prop,

Though oft by hell annoyed.


2.    Hope is a gift of God that brings

(Like faith, and grace, and love)

Humility; and on its wings

Wafts trembling souls above.


3.    Hope makes the shameful unashamed,

And gives sweet happiness,

By JesusÕ blood, trusting His name,

To sinners in distress.


4.    With such blest hope, from such a source,

Built firm upon the Rock,

Through this vain world, IÕll run my course,

And confidently walk.





Don Fortner



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