Christ is Our Souls’ Security—Don Fortner

(Tune: #497—When I Can Read My Title Clear—CM)


1.      Christ is our souls’ security, He holds us by His p’wer

(Amidst our sins and frailties) Unfailing every hour!


2.      Though oft, through weakness, we’re alarmed, Tempted, and tried, and tossed,

      Held by our Savior’s mighty arm, God’s saints cannot be lost!


3.      He’ll bring us home, at last, to God, Though we are weak, we own!

      We’re in His grip (The grip of God!) God cannot lose His own!


4.      Eternal life! How bright it shines! How vast the great reward!

      It shall, at last, by grace be mine— “Salvation’s of the Lord!