Christ is Everything to Me! Don Fortner

(Tune: #393 — Take My Life and Let it Be —77.77.7)


1.    In creation’s work I see God’s wisdom, pow’r and majesty.

Ruling heaven, earth and sea, God omnipotent is He! —

Yet, He was nothing to me.


2.    But since God, in sov’reign grace, showed me how Christ took my place,

Made my guilt and sin His own, with His blood my sin atoned! —

Christ is Everything to me!


3.    In Christ crucified I see justice satisfied for me!

Who shall charge me now with sin? God Himself declares me clean! —

Christ is Everything to me!


4.    Who is he that shall condemn? Freed from sin I am in Him!

Justified from all my sin, perfect and complete in Him! —

Christ is Everything to me!


5.    See Him on His throne above: None can part me from His love!

Watching o’er me, day by day, He will keep me in the Way! —

Christ is Everything to me!




Don Fortner



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