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Christ is Enough Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey — LM)

1.    Listen, my soul, it is the voice

Of Christ, my God, hear and rejoice!

He speaks, the sentence is divine, —

Fear not, believer, you are Mine.


2.    Chosen in love, redeemed with blood,

And, by the Spirit, called of God,

Believing Christ, I am His own;

And He will take me to His throne.


3.    Christ is enough! The Prince of Peace,

(With all the riches of His grace,

HeÕs Life, and Joy, and Righteousness,

Salvation full!) — Enough He is!


4.    Your work of grace within my soul,

By which YouÕve made this sinner whole,

Believing Christ, the Lamb once slain,

Assure me I am born again!


5.    Savior, IÕll triumph in Your love,

On earth and, soon, in heavÕn above:

In life and death IÕll sing of this —

Christ is enough; and I am His!







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