Christ, the Anointed One Don Fortner


(Tune: #380 — Rise Up, O Men of God —SM)


1.    Christ, the Anointed One,

Our Prophet, Priest, and King;

Exalted, reigns upon his throne,

GodŐs Son, the King of kings!


2.    Anointed as the Head,

Of all the chosen race:

For them He lived, for them He bled,

And gives to them His grace.


3.    Anointed to atone,

He took away my guilt!

Now HeŐs my Priest upon His throne,

And bids my soul be still.


4.    Anointed for my sake,

My SurŐty bears my name;

His solemn oath HeŐll never break,

Nor put my soul to shame.!









Don Fortner



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