Christ Our Advocate — Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey — LM)

1.    O sinner, helpless, poor, and lost,

While hell with guilt and fears accosts,

Broken and bowed with this great weight,

Trust Christ, the Lord our Advocate.


2.    No sinnerÕs cause is worse than mine,

But Christ my Advocate Divine, —

The Lord my Righteousness, with God

Pleads His obedÕence and His blood.


3.    This is the GospelÕs sweet good news,

This plea GodÕs justice canÕt refuse!

While Jesus pleads my soul shall live;

And all the praise to Him IÕll give!


4.    Here in the dust I take my place,

My shame, my sin I must confess.

IÕll tell my Advocate my case,

And trust the riches of His grace!


5.    Bring with your sin the SaviorÕs blood,

And bow before the throne of God;

There you will find His mercy great,

Trusting in Christ our Advocate!









Don Fortner



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