Christ Lifted Up — Don Fortner

(Tune: #46 — O for a Thousand Tongues — CM)


1.    Come ransomÕd souls unite with me,

Lift up, lift up our Lord!

Tell of His death upon the tree,

And sound His praise abroad.


2.    High over all He lives and reigns,

The everlasting God!

The Holy One, who was made sin,

Has saved us with His blood!


3.    Behold Him, now exalted high,

Our Savior reigns to bless.

Exalt His name, and lift it high, —

ŌThe Lord our Righteousness!Ķ


4.    Higher and higher — higher still,

Lift up the sinnerÕs Friend,

Till all whom God the Father will,

Shall to His sceptre bend.


5.    Exalted Savior, draw my heart,

And after You IÕll run,

Till time, and heavÕn, and earth depart,

Then take me to Your throne!









Don Fortner



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