Christ Jesus Died for Me! Don Fortner

(Tune: #531 — America the Beautiful — CMD)


1.        The cross of Christ inspires my heart, to sing redeeming grace. —
Awake, my soul! Awake, my heart, in my Redeemer’s praise.
All praise forever give to Him, Who died upon the tree!
This is my soul’s delightful theme, — Christ Jesus died for me!
2.        His heart was crushed, His body torn, and stained with His own blood,
His soul reproached with guilt, forlorn, forsaken by His God!
And then the Father gave the stroke that justice had decreed.
All nature felt the dreadful stroke, when Jesus died for me!
3.        When He was made a curse for me, “My God, my God,” he cried,
Why hast Thou thus forsaken Me?” And then my Savior died.
But why did God forsake His Son, When bleeding on the tree?
He died for my sins, made His own. — Christ Jesus died for me!
4.        When sin and guilt on Him was laid, justice to satisfy,
His soul a sacrifice was made, and Christ my Surety died!
Was ever love so great as this? Was ever grace so free?
My glory, hope and joy is this, — Christ Jesus died for me!
5.        He entered in, with His own blood, and took His place on high;
Effectual, sin-atoning blood, can never be denied.
My mighty Savior cannot fail. — My Advocate is He!
And with my soul all things are well, since Jesus died for me.