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Christ Jesus Crucified Don Fortner

(Tune: #477 — When I Can Read My Title Clear  —CM)



1.    Where Satan holds his cruel seat,

And guilt still swells its tide,

To trembling souls this news is sweet —

Christ Jesus crucified!


2.    Angels adore with sweet surprise,

The Friend who loved and died;

Justice beholds the sacrifice, —

Christ Jesus crucified!


3.    You heralds, go! — His death proclaim,

And know no theme beside;

Preach to the poor, the blind, the lame,

Christ Jesus crucified!


4.    My soul survey that precious blood,

Which cleanses when applied:

And let your trust be in your God, —

Christ Jesus crucified!


5.    Let saints below and saints above

Behold His wounded side:

This is our Savior, God of love, —

Christ Jesus crucified.





Don Fortner








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