Christ Alone Is Our Salvation††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: #374 – Jesus Calls Us87.87 )

Christ alone is our Salvation.

††††††† Let us give all praise to Him.

††††††† God and man in perfect union, -

††††††† He alone could us redeem!


Chosen by Godís free election,

††††††† Loved from all eternity,

††††††† In the covínant of redemption,

††††††† Christ became our Surety.


As our Shepherd, He came seeking

††††††† His lost sheep who went astray;

††††††† And by grace oíer sin abounding

††††††† Snatched us from our chosen way!


By election, grace, and calling,

††††††† By the power of His blood,

††††††† Christ will yet keep us from falling.

††††††† Glory, glory, to our God!


Give us grace to love and serve You

††††††† With hearts true and faith sincere.

††††††† Savior, let us walk before You,

††††††† Gratefully, with holy fear