Don Fortner


(Tune: Soldiers of Christ, Arise   #403 SMD)


Come, sinners, seek His grace

Whose wrath you cannot bear.

Bow down before the throne of grace,

And find salvation there!

Trust Christ the Son of God,

Who died and rose again,

Who brought in perfect righteousness

For fallen, sinful men.


Confess your sin to God.

He'll just and faithful be.

By mercy and by truth, the Lord

Pardons iniquity!

No works that you can do,

No tears that you may cry,

Can turn away God's wrath from you,

Or your soul justify.


But Christ, the Lamb of God,

By His effectual blood,

Has put away the sins of all

 Who by Him come to God.

Believe without delay.

Trust Jesus Christ today;

And hear the blessed Savior say,

"I've put your sins away!"