Don Fortner


(Tune: Soldiers of Christ, Arise #403 SMD)


Great God, incarnate Son,

The everliving One,

One with the Father on His throne,

Yet, with Your people one!

Jehovah, our great God,

And Jesus, perfect Man,

We worship You, we trust Your blood,

Our God, the saving Man!


The mystery is great,

How God a Man became,

How God has died and paid our debt,

And yet remains the same!

Our faith the wonder sees,

And finds all comfort here,

The God-Man died upon the tree,

And now in heaven appears!


Our Mediator reigns

Upon the throne of grace.

Upon His heart He bears our names,

And claims in heaven our place.

The God who rules all things

Is Christ the perfect Man!

Adore, my heart, this King of kings,

Christ Jesus, the God-Man!