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“By the Right Way” Don Fortner


(Tune: #118 — When I Survey the Wondrous Cross — LM)


1.    Let us proclaim Jehovah’s praise,

And quietly rest in all His ways:

He keeps eternity in sight,

And what His hand performs is right.


2.    By the right way” His saints are led,

The way ordained for each we tread:

The way our carnal natures hate,

Though it’s our path to heaven’s gate.


3.    By the right way,” oft dark and rough,

Mysterious, yet plain enough:

And when our faith is changed to sight,

We’ll know the way of God was right.


4.    By the right way,” through pain and loss

And earthly expectations crossed,

With “an expected end” in view,

We’ll trust our God, Faithful and True.


5.    By the right way,” Lord lead me on,

Through this vain world, up to Your throne:

Cause faith to know, when reason fails,

That God always does all things well!







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