By an Eternal Union One — Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey — LM)

1.    Blest union, formed by love divine —

Christ says IÕm His and He is mine!

In all He is, in all HeÕs done,

By an eternal union one!


2.    HereÕs love! Oh, tell it all around —

God with a worm in union found!

Christ Jesus, Monarch of the skies,

Owns me as precious in His eyes.


3.    Yes, I am one with Christ my King;

The glories of His grace IÕll sing: —

He took my guilt and, by His grace,

Made me as righteous as He is!


4.    Flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone,

Christ and my soul are truly one!

Living in Him I daily prove

His sovÕreign, everlasting love!





Don Fortner



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