By Him We CrucifiedDon Fortner

(Tune: #110 — Alas! And did My Savior Bleed — CM)


1.    Chosen by grace, in Jesus found,

And freely justified,

We shall with endless life be crowned,

By Him we crucified!


2.    The law on us has no demand,

Yet, we its precepts love;

For justified, by grace we stand,

And wait for joys above.


3.    No condemnation is proclaimed,

Against God’s chosen race;

And we shall not be put to shame

Before Jehovah’s face!


4.    By God the Holy Spirit taught,

We live and walk by faith;

And home to Glory we’ll be brought,

By God’s unfailing grace!


5.    Nothing in heaven, earth, or hell,

Can our blest souls destroy. —

With Christ, our Surety, we’ll dwell

In everlasting joy!









Don Fortner



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