But for Godís Free and Sovereign GraceóDon Fortner

(Tune: Am I A Soldier of the Cross? #414 86.86)


1.      But for Godís free and sovíreign grace that stopped me in my way,

††††† A rebel lost, in madness, I would be unto this day.


2.      I never would have sought the Lord had He not sought me out.

††††† I would have run headlong to hell. Of that I have no doubt.


3.      In awe, amazed, I see Godís hand of grace that intervened

††††† And snatched me as a burning brand, though I blasphemed His name!


4.      A miracle of grace I am! Grace gave me life and faith

††††† In Christ, the Lord, my Savior, and grace keeps me ever safe!


5.      Now, for the glory of His grace, (Be this my lifeís employ!),

To live for my Redeemerís praise and serve His cause with joy.