But when the Holy Spirit Comes — Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey — LM)


1.    There is no sense of guilt and sin

To break the rebelís stony heart,

No loathing of the plague within,

Until the Lord His grace impart.


2.    But when the Holy Spirit comes,

Revealing Christ in saving grace,

The wakened sinner knows his doom,

And feels his despírate need of grace.


3.    Convinced of sin and unbelief,

He sees the sword and ready bow;

He thinks he is of sinners chief,

And trembles Ďneath the weight of woe.


4.    No help is found but in the Lord.

A ruined wretch, condemned he stands!

But then he sees the Saviorís blood,

A fountain opened sin to cleanse.


5.    To Christ, the Fountain, now I fly,

And plunge into the crimson tide.

Cleansed from all sin and guilt am I,

Through Christ, my Savior, crucified!



Don Fortner



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