Blest Sun of Righteousness, Arise ó Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology ó LM)


1.        Savior, Whose glory fills the skies,

Blest Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Light of the world, my only Light,

Dispel the dark and gloomy night.


2.        Dayspring from on High, now be near!

Daystar, arise and spread Your cheer!

Dark is the rising of the sun,

When it appears that Iím alone.


3.        Until Your mercy beams I see,

The lightest trial burdens me;

Arise, O Lord, Your Light impart,

Bring sunshine to Your servantís heart!


4.        Shine bright in this dark heart of mine,

And flood my soul with Light divine!

Dispel the gloom of sin and grief,

And take away my unbelief!


5.        Your smiling face, O Lord, display,

Shining unto the perfect day!

Oh, hasten, Lord, that endless day,

When former things are past away!