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Blest Sons of Jacob, Chosen Race Don Fortner

(Tune: #400 — Jesus, and Shall It Ever Be — LM)


1.    Blest sons of Jacob, chosen race,

Our God’s the God of sovereign grace!

He will perform what He’s begun:

He’ll save each chosen, ransomed one!


2.    Though rocks, and hills, and mountains fall,

And darkness overshadows all,

Whate’er our plight, whate’er our lot,

Our God’s the same. — He changes not!


3.    Our comfort often ebbs and flows;

Our God no variation knows!

Though Jacob’s sons unfaithful prove,

God loves us with unchanging love!


4.    Though sin is mixed with all we do,

Our God remains faithful and true. —

He’ll never leave, never forsake

His chosen ones, for Jesus’ sake!







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