Blest Savior, Be My Pilot Wise Ė Don Fortner

(Tune: #228 Ė My Faith has Found a Resting Place††† CMD)


1.                  I ask for grace, for grace divine,

††††††††††† To cross the stormy sea.

††††††††††† For Christ I would the world resign.

††††††††††† O give such grace to me!

††††††††††† Blest Savior, be my Pilot wise,

††††††††††† Your path is in the sea;

††††††††††† Grant grace the billows to despise,

††††††††††† Which often trouble me.


2.                  I must, if I would see Your work,

††††††††††† Go though the waters deep.

††††††††††† Yet, You have promised in Your Word

††††††††††† My soul to safely keep.

††††††††††† Far more the deadly calm I dread,

††††††††††† Which lets me feel Iím strong,

††††††††††† Than storms that rage over my head,

††††††††††† And make my weakness known.


3.                  By faith I see the heavínly shore,

††††††††††† The haven of sweet rest,

††††††††††† Where winds and waves disturb no more,

††††††††††† Where nothing can distress!

††††††††††† O Holy Spirit, heavínly Wind,

††††††††††† (O blessed Gale of grace!)

††††††††††† Come, sail me quickly to my Friend

††††††††††† In heavín, my resting place!